Pandit in Kammanahalli

Astrologer Vijay is one of the best Vedic Pandit in Kammanahalli with an experience over 15 years.

Vedic astrology is also known as Indian astrology as well as jyotish shastra.

Indian mythology explains Astrologer Bhrigu is considered as the father of Indian Astrology.

Hindu religious story say’s that Maharishi Bhrigu is from a family of Brahmin that he ones visited Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was resting in his Ananta Shesha. Maharishi Bhrigu was not welcomed which made him annoyed and hit Lord Vishnu.

The act of this made Lordess Lakshmi so angry that she cursed Maharishi Bhrigu.

Lordess Laskhmi cursed that he and entire Brahmin caste will become poor and suffer poverty. Maharishi Bhrigu pleaded for mercy, Lordess Lakshmi said him to write the scripts on Astrology for getting his “Moksha”.

It is said that this scripts is been referred by all Indian astrologer in predicting.

Pandit in Kammanahalli

Indian Astrology is based on stars, moon, sun, planets and their position and place.

Astrology is an art as well as a science.

Pandit Vijay is well experienced in the field of astrology, that he has written his own scripts based researches done on astrology.

Pandit Vijay is gifted with astrology skills.

His predictions have made him so popular that most of the celebrities such as politicians, film industry based peoples and other business magnets come in search for him.

Thus, they try to know right times for doing certain activities.

For example – Right time to release the movie, right time to inaugurate the new showroom, political decisions to take are some of the most questions for which the clients want an answer from Astrologer Vijay.

Astrologer in Kammanahalli

Such of these predictions that has made him one of the best Pandit in Kammanahalli as well as one of best Pandit in Bellandur, Pandit in BTM layout, pandit in Electronic City, Pandit in Whitefield, Pandit in Kormangala, Pandit in Malleshwaram, Pandit in Jayanagar, Pandit in JP Nagar, Pandit in Bellandur, Pandit in Sarjapur, Pandit in Kalyan Nagar, Pandit in Hosur Road, and Pandit in Bommanahalli.

Astrologer Vijay can help to predict your future based on your horoscope.

Our world is widening and same is the complexity in life.

Horoscope of a person is created based on the time, place, and position of the planets and there are 12 Zodiac signs.

Zodiac sign is assigned to person on the basis of his birth time and date.

This Zodiac sign shows the personal traits of a person.

Astrologer in Bangalore

Astrologer Vijay can solve your entire problems regarding your business, health, money, marriage, love.

His predictions have been able to provide a ray of hope in most of the person’s life.

For getting the better service make an appointment with him.